Vortex Tunnel -

We are INDIA's largest manufacturer of Vortex Tunnel.

The VORTEX TUNNEL is a mind-blowing attraction, guaranteed to test your senses! The Vortex Tunnel is constructed of 5 high grade rings. For safety, the rings are lined with a flame-retardant fabric. These rings are lined with a flame-retardant fabric. The fabric Velcro's onto the rings and is painted in florescent colors to produce a number of different effects. There are 3 sets of rollers and a gear motor that allow the aluminum tunnel to rotate. The motor has a friction drive that will stop turning when an excessive amount of resistance is applied. There is a 20' long, 28" wide bridge with handrails that allow you to walk through the tunnel. The tunnel has three 4' black lights on each side of the bridge to illuminate the painted artwork. RAILS & BLACK LIGHTS The overall length of the tunnel is 20 feet. Comes with the high-security handrails, blacklight bulbs, and exit mirrors. Does not include graphics or warning signs about the attraction possibly causing vertigo.

Vortex Tunnel -

In this 21st century vortex tunnel has become one of the mind blowing entertainment concept. It is the youngsters who are attracted and have become great fan of this concept as they enjoy it with full of fun. We, the Wave5D, are India’s largest vortex tunnel manufacturer. We have constructed our vortex tunnel with 5 high grade rings. Our highly quality professional have designed the lines of the vortex tunnel rings with a flame retardant fabric for safety purpose. These rings are painted in florescent colors to produce a number of different effects.

At Wave5D, we have designed the vortex tunnel in 3 sets of rollers and a gear motor that allow the aluminum to rotate. Our vortex tunnel is designed with the high security handrails, black light bulbs and exit mirrors. We not only supply tunnel but also do installation and designing too. If you are looking to use our vertex tunnel products, please feel free to contact us. We are ready with almost everything to start almost any size of projects!

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What we can do -

We not just supply the Tunnel, we do installations, training. We can meet all your equipment needs under one roof.

Almost everything we have ready in stock to start any size of the project.